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on 6 December 2017

Creative director and major shareholder of Card Factory, Stuart Middleton has become chairman of Warring

on 4 January 2018

Industry stalwart agent Carol Stead to retire after a long handover

on 18 September 2018

Sue Gregory, owner of Occasions in Lincoln, East Midlands, reveals her store’s hot sellers.

on 4 March 2019

Lynda and Chris Jobson, owners of Precious Moments, Cramlington, Northumberland, reveal their store’s hot sellers.

on 28 June 2019

A Hanson White card was a ‘paper hug’ from Mum and Dad

on 8 July 2019

With the highs of Glasto now in the past, the nation is gripped in

on 24 October 2019

GCA’s PR push ramps up to extend the campaign into the consumer world

on 19 October 2021

Industry stalwart is to hang up his cardie boots after 44 years in the trade