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The best-selling cards for Coles of Sidmouth in Devon revealed by co-owner Colin Cramb.

Coles of Sidmouth is a small shop in a seaside town with a loyal locals, tourists and destination shoppers’ customer base.

Paperlink's popular Sassy range
Paperlink’s popular Sassy range

Everyday: Paper Rose (Lovelily)
“Timeless and elegant English design appealing highly to our age demographic.”

Humour: Twizler (Taking the Michael)
“Very popular. Not too rude. Many customers stand and giggle at this quick selling range.”

Humour: Paper House (GBCC) (Animalfunction)
“The use of modern scenarios where wild animals act like humans provides many laughs.”

Humour: Paperlink (Sassy)
“Women love these and send them to girl pals.”

Humour: Dog’s Paw (Up Your Street)
“Quirky humour with a local bias makes these cards extremely appealing to our local customers.”

Photographic: Cudz (Hosiere)
“Combines local photography with a touch of humour and cartoon characters. This range constantly and quickly disappears to locals and tourists, who buy them by the handfuls.”

Animalfunction from Paper House (GBCC)
Animalfunction from Paper House (GBCC)

Handmade/hand-finished: Second Nature (Buttoned Up)
“A fantastic new range using sequins and buttons. Glitzy and popular, the finishes attract the eye.”

Children’s: Hallmark (Disney, DC, Marvel)
“The comic characters strike a chord with adults and kids. Highly connected to popular TV and film.”

Ancillary: Hallmark (Itty Bittys)
“Cute, cuddly, trendy, well-made and hugely appealing to everyone, as well as collectors. And there’s a tight link to the children’s licensed cards.”

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