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on 5 October 2017

The card industry’s ‘grand nuit’ has arrived

on 17 October 2017

Card and stationery sales up 3%, with single Christmas cards highlighted

on 22 January 2018

Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, Thortful seen as a real threat by over a third of indies

on 11 October 2018

Cards and stationery remain an “important area” for WHSmith with growth potential

on 28 January 2019

Discover the industry news, views, fresh product launches and incisive comment in the February publicat

on 4 March 2019

Card Factory viewed as a threat by almost half of all independent card retailers

on 30 August 2019

Plans fall into place as countdown to GCA’s Thinking of You Week starts

on 20 September 2019

Great reminder of the importance of Thinking of You Week

on 27 September 2019

Royal Mail stamps millions of cancellation marks to fanfare the Week

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