Publisher’s upbeat video gains traction on social media

The recent film being shot in Danilo’s warehouse.
The recent film being shot in Danilo’s warehouse.

This year’s upbeat creation, which has already attracted hundreds of views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, hits the high notes, in an inventive music-themed mini-film.

Filmed in Danilo’s Hertfordshire warehouse, the video features a ‘band’ of people who effectively ‘play’ a series of calendars, highlighting ‘that exciting feeling’ when you receive the right Danilo calendar or card to suit the person.

Claire Bates, Danilo’s marketing manager (who appears in the video alongside the musician actors) revealed that the inspiration for this video came about from “watching musicals such as STOMP as well as innovative music bands such as Walk off the Earth (seen on YouTube for their amazing cover versions using everyday objects to replicate the music). We thought it would be fun and engaging to use Danilo’s official products in a similarly creative and musical way.”

The Danilo Sherlock calendar also features in this year’s video.
The Danilo Sherlock calendar also features in this year’s video.

This video is targeted at those who are passionate about their favourite celebrity, music star, sports team, TV show or movie, featuring several of Danilo’s key calendar titles for 2018 – including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Sherlock, Justin Bieber and Elvis – as well as Christmas cards based on licences that include Minions, Secret Life of Pets, My Little Pony and Only Fools and Horses.

As well as being shared extensive on social media channels, the video has been received by Danilo’s online audience of around 45,000 people, is hosted on its website as well as on its ‘Date With Danilo’ blog.

Danilo’s commemorative Star Wars calendar is bound to be popular.
Danilo’s commemorative Star Wars calendar is bound to be popular.

This year’s musical video follows on from activity of the last few years around this time. Last year saw Danilo create an impressive ‘Elvis Collage’ video which involved using Danilo calendars, diaries, cards and wrap to recreate a section of the first ever official Elvis Presley calendar on a very large scale.

Meanwhile, the year previous (2015) the publisher played it straight with an ‘Our Story’ video which gave an insight into the history of the company.


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