Card Factory’s Busy Week

Card Factory opens first store in Ireland and appoints industry heavyweight Jo Bennett as studio director 

“We have had a very busy week!” is something of an understatement from Card Factory’s ceo Karen Hubbard. She refers to the value retailer’s triumph at The Retas last Thursday (winning the Best Specialist Multiple Retailer of Greeting Cards category), the opening of its store in Dublin – the first of many stores it plans to open in the Republic of Ireland – as well as the first ever press launch of its Christmas collections.

Another very significant development for the value retailer is the appointment of former Hallmark creative maestro Jo Bennett as its studio director. Jo has now left Hallmark, where she worked for the last 20 years, latterly as group studio director. Her start date at Card Factory has yet to be announced.

Jo Bennett has been appointed as Card Factory's new creative director
Jo Bennett has been appointed as Card Factory’s new studio director

Karen said: “We have very ambitious plans with ongoing quality designs for both cards and non-card.  As we look to continue to innovate the ranges in our stores, we require a studio director that can provide strong leadership, who has a good understanding of the card industry and is both successful and has a respected track record in their own right.”

Jo will join the 60-strong design team at Card Factory’s in-house studio that is overseen by Stuart Middleton, creative director and major shareholder in the company.

Commenting on Jo’s departure from Hallmark, Matt Critchlow, the company’s sales director said: “We of course wish Jo the best. Full credit to her she has left a very strong legacy of a very talented creative leadership team of over 100 people.”

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