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on 25 April 2017

New display concepts fanfare British card publishers

on 24 October 2019

Maurice Esofsky of QLM; Savita Marsh, of Northwood Cards and Rachael Barnes, of Dragonfly Ca

on 24 February 2023

Louise Mulgrew, Redback, Alljoy, The Art File, Paper D’Art, Paper Salad and Tache nominated

on 28 February 2024

Eight UK card publishers clinch a baker’s dozen finalist places

on 2 May 2017

Adele buys entire stock of card in Peter Jones

on 12 November 2019

Card publishers are ‘feline’ good about the paw marks from the big cats

on 28 February 2023

Seven UK publishers ‘chuffed’ at 2023 US greeting card awards nominations

on 28 March 2024

Greetings brands make Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards nominations list

on 17 July 2018

Postmark, Heaven at Home and Cats Whiskers/Expressions share their PG Live top picks

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