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on 1 August 2017

Survey shows 72% of old retirees love receiving relevant mail

on 31 January 2019

Impact of GDPR blamed for the decline in letter post over the last nine months

on 22 August 2017

GCA gears everyone up for ToYW

on 14 February 2019

Hopes pinned on a final sales thrust today as the public show their love w

on 12 September 2017

Royal Mail assures GCA that there will be plenty supplies

on 14 February 2019

Idris Elba and Holly Willougby are the top choices to receive a romantic note from

on 26 September 2017

More activity than ever before for the card sending event

on 4 April 2019

Royal Mail’s act of kindness is applauded by the public and the media

on 28 September 2017

Thortful, Crafts magazines, Wraptious, Abacus and loads more get involved

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