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on 9 May 2017

Founder of Really Good and Soul recognised at The Greats Awards

on 22 November 2017

High profile exec is first head of sales for art brand

on 1 March 2018

High profile PR maestro and author Jessica Huie enlisted to drive the initiative

on 12 June 2018

Founder David Hicks shares his entrepreneurial insights at motivational talk

on 5 July 2018

The four finalists talk about what it means to make the shortlist

on 16 July 2019

Company expands into mustards and distribution deals in toiletries and re-usable bags

on 18 July 2019

Relive Harrogate Home and Gift in pictures

on 13 September 2019

Publisher’s decision to not participate in brokerage is purely commercial

on 21 October 2019

Publishers, retailers and trade suppliers lapped up every second of the historic event

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