Paperlink Pulls Out Of Brokerage Schemes For Indies

Paperlink is to cease supplying independent retailers via brokerage schemes for the foreseeable future. The card publisher has recently given notice to W-Select (Woodmansterne’s brokerage arm), but is also not working with Waterwells (GBCC’s brokerage) nor is involved with UKG’s brokerage service to indies.

“We believe now is the time for us to really support independent retailers and work closely with them to ensure they have the best selection of products for their customers,” Louise Tighe, managing director of Paperlink told PG Buzz. “We have a dedicated sales force who are out there for our many independent retail customers, listening to their needs and sharing our best sellers. Now is a tough time for all, and many retailers are operating on reduced staff, but we are here to help,” she added.

Above: Louise Tighe, founder and managing director of Paperlink.
Above: Louise Tighe, founder and managing director of Paperlink.

Louise is however a big advocate of planned displays and Paperlink is more than happy to continue to work with publishers on building displays for indies.

Above: A trio of recent designs from Paperlink.
Above: A trio of recent designs from Paperlink.

“I believe planning works as it is a partnership between the retailer and the publishers involved in their plan. Brokerage, is by its very nature, is inevitably skewed towards the broker’s interest. Like many other businesses out there, Covid-19 has made us all look are what and how we operate, our profit margins and what is important to us. Having more intimate relationships with our independent customers and/or being directly involved with them alongside other publishers in a planned display makes sense, now more than ever, helping us all to get through this testing period together,” underlines Louise.

Paperlink will however continue to supply multiples through the various brokerage schemes.

Above: A message put out by Paperlink via Instagram.
Above: A message put out by Paperlink via Instagram.

“I fully appreciate that due to the size of multiples’ respective estates and the logistical complexities which the merchandising of greeting cards presents, brokerage offers a solution to providing a broad selection of card designs to their customers, and we will continue to work with brokers on this,” clarifies Louise.

Top: As well as its humour, Paperlink has become strong on occasions and relations designs.


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