Ohh Deer opens second store in Ipswich

Publisher’s co-founders have a shop in both their hometowns

Ohh Deer, the publisher known for its ranges of quirky cards and stationery company has opened its second store, this time in Ipswich. The store is fabulous showcase for the company’s products, which features designs by over 100 different designers and illustrators.

The new store, which follows on the company’s retail debut in Loughborough at the end of last year, is especially poignant for Mark Callaby, Ohh Deer managing director and co-founder, as Ipswich is his hometown. This provides a perfect balance as Loughborough, where its first store is based, is the hometown of fellow co-founder Jamie Mitchell!

Commenting on their retailing aspirations Mark Callaby told PG Buzz.net: “We’ve always wanted to open a physical shop and originally had plans to open two stores at once before Christmas, but decided we didn’t actually want to ruin Christmas for ourselves, so we pushed the Ipswich shop back!”

Sharing his views on the East Anglian place of his birth, he said: “Ipswich is a great town even though most people tell us that it’s a really random place!  It has lots of character and with the new University being established in the last few years it made it the ideal location for us and we knew when we saw the vacant shop that it would be perfect for us.”

While he reveals that there are “some longer term plans to expand further into retail”, augmenting the online operation the plan is to gauge the reaction to the Ipswich shop before moving forward with any other locations.

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