My Week… Rose Hill Designs

Designer and publisher Rose Hill had a busy week preparing for and exhibiting at PG Live. A successful show, she met new customers and partied until 3am!


Putting the finishing touches to the stand
Putting the finishing touches to the stand

It’s set-up day for PG Live! I love this day as it’s so very satisfying seeing everything come together after months of designing new products, planning the stand and organising everything I need for the show. We arrived at the Business Design Centre and dropped off baby Summer; we’re very lucky to have grandparents close by. After bringing up everything we found our stand hadn’t been cladded just yet so I make the important call to see if ours can be done first. Not wanting to waste any time I unpack everything while Eddie [partner] moves the car.

I decided to do things a bit differently this year using three colours in a cool geometric design across the stand. I am a serious perfectionist so it usually takes a while to design and bring to life the Rose Hill Designs stand. We were first to arrive on Sunday, the day consisted purely of painting and putting up the lights I had designed and made.


On my stand at PG Live
On my stand at PG Live

The pretty bits of decorating the stand. I have designed the stand particularly so every colour is balanced but also showing off my best selling range and brand new designs with every card placement carefully considered. I am showcasing a brand new set of designs that are completely different from my hugely successful ‘Make Your Pet Famous’ range. These are inspired by my daughter Summer.


Today was the first day of the show. It was wonderful catching up with existing stockists and meeting new stockists for re-orders and new orders. I had some very exciting people attend my stand which is amazing! Summer and I were very delighted to spot me on the Greeting Card Association (GCA) wall. One of my favourite bits of the show is the drinks at the end of the first day. All the exhibitors and the visitors get invited to celebrate the show and it’s so much fun seeing everyone. I was kindly invited to two after show parties and ended up staying out to 3am with some new and old friends.


Rose and Summer were excited to see mummy in a photo on the GCA display!
Rose and Summer were excited to see mummy in a photo on the GCA display!

Getting up at 5am after getting back at 3am was surprisingly OK. In the hope of looking around the show I got there early but bumped into a friend and then I went off to take part in the legacy Ladder Club photo for a truly inspirational, wonderful and amazing women who has changed the card industry forever: Lynn Tait. She heartbreakingly passed away a few days before PG Live. I have to say I truly missed her not coming and saying hello. I know she would be pleased that I had several overseas distributors in countries I don’t currently supply, come and speak to me and are interested in selling my designs.


No rest for the wicked, with a full day of processing orders and completing vendor forms for an exciting new stockist. I had imagined that I would make a start at contacting everyone who came to the Rose Hill Designs stand but no such luck, with an exception of two or so people.


One of the new designs inspired by my daughter
One of the new designs inspired by my daughter

I started the marathon of emails, but unfortunately didn’t finish today either. I was thrilled by a lovely large purchase order to process, I always love getting them. Now I’m excited about looking after all the new and existing clients, the next range of work which I already have loads of ideas for and requests by amazing customers.


Tel: 07742347603
Instagram: @rosehilldesigns

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