Latest ad by American Greetings tackles infertility

American Greetings’ Not Alone ad is the latest in the Give Meaning campaign

Not Alone tackles the emotions around infertility
Not Alone tackles the emotions around infertility

UKG’s parent company, American Greetings has delivered another master stroke in making a serious point about the way that greeting cards can help in difficult situations. That powerful mix of relief and hope you feel upon realising that you are not alone in dealing with a tough situation can be difficult to put into words. That feeling, its impact, and the reminder that relationships are important are the focus of American Greetings second instalment of its Give Meaning campaign, a video entitled Not Alone. The video follows a young couple and their struggle with infertility. In the ad, the young woman is given a ‘thinking of you’ card after attending a baby shower for another friend. At this poignant moment you can see the relief on her face as she knows that she is not alone. The ad concludes by telling us a card isn’t just a card; “in the right moment, it can mean everything.”

A simple message of hope
A simple message of hope

Alex Ho, CMO of American Greetings told Ad Week: “Give Meaning is a campaign that sets out to remind us to give meaning to the real people and moments in our lives that matter. Upon learning that one in eight couples struggle with infertility, we knew this topic was not only one that many people could relate to, whether personally or through friends and family members. It is also an emotional and oftentimes isolating topic that is especially deserving of support and acknowledgment.”

Not Alone is the second release in the Give Meaning campaign. The first released to coincide with Mother’s Day (in the States) was called Tattoo and followed the story of a young girl getting a message from a greeting card tattooed on her arm – the greeting card was from her mother who had passed away.

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