Trendspot: Alpine, Immersive Ambience, Sartorial Fantasy

Picture libraries and artist agencies are not just a great source of imagery for greeting card publishers, but due to their wide reach into other fields are also an invaluable gauge of design trends and influences on the aesthetic. In the second of a series, Hannah Curtis, director of Creative Sparrow shares what she feels will be driving our design tastes and highlights a trio of trends.

Above: Hannah Curtis, co-founder of Creative Sparrow.
Above: Hannah Curtis, co-founder of Creative Sparrow.

Drivers: “Greeting cards in themselves are a trend in which we should relish in during 2021.To receive a card is to be given a smile from afar, a handwritten sentiment and tactile product to be displayed in our homes, which, let’s face it are our new islands. We find ourselves looking at the shelves of newsreaders and chat show hosts as they record from their homes, the books they display on their bookcases, the trinkets that give a glimpse into their world and the greeting cards they showcase – no digital message can take the place of a card!”

A trio of trends…

Alpine: “This trend combines a multitude of themes we have been seeing throughout 2020 and before, balanced between the ongoing need for mindfulness and calm, the care we have for all things environmental and sustainable and the growing need for the outdoors. Alpine takes us further into the world of adventure and exploration, a visual synonym for the feelings we are experiencing in a world where we seek to explore not only our surroundings but ourselves. Having felt an enforced mindfulness, this trend allows us to daydream into the great outdoors.”

Above: A design by Lucy Hadley (from Creative Sparrow).
Above: A design by Lucy Hadley (from Creative Sparrow).

Immersive Ambience: “Having explored the big outdoors, it’s time to come in from the cold and into the solace of our homes and, no matter how big or small, town or country, there is an ongoing desire for our spaces to provide tranquillity. A holistic approach sees spiritual symbols as well as star signs and the current astrology trend enter our home aesthetic, with a dark and magical palette mixed with vibrant pastels and matte metallics. Global inspiration and distant shores make an appearance, with laid back island vibes, tropical leaves and florals used to bring the outside indoors, mixed with a highly decorative curation of old and new, striving to make our spaces a fulfilling cabinet of curiosities.”

5D.Maria Over copy

Above and below: Artwork by Maria Over (from Creative Sparrow) which reflect the immersive ambience trend.

5E. Maria_Over copy

Sartorial Fantasy: “The trend for maximalism as we curate ourselves and our interiors sees us seeking vibrant colour palettes and a frivolous aesthetic, a trend for the superfluous yet gorgeous luxuries in life. Here we see a playful opulence in palette and pattern.

While we dream of those indulgent parties and wild gatherings, sequins are also making a daring comeback as we embrace the living room disco and allow a relaxed glamour back into our lives.”

Above: An Andrew Thornton design which transports us to the ‘living room disco’.
Above: An Andrew Thornton design which transports us to the ‘living room disco’.

Hannah Curtis set up Creative Sparrow with her business partner Judith Luddington last year, drawing on her many years of art licensing experience –

Top: Caro Windmuller artwork reflecting the trend for maximalism and sartorial fantasy (from Creative Sparrow).

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