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on 20 October 2023

Stationers’ debate to see GCA put greeting card industry’s point across on handwriting

on 25 October 2023

Worldwide audience hears importance of personality, 7bn pen sales and increased connection

on 17 November 2023

Cardies urged to contact MPs to join next week’s event in Parliament

on 10 January 2024

Chris Leonard-Morgan has pen poised as London Stationery Show registration goes live

on 24 January 2024

Maped Helix, Pentel, Staedtler and Zebra Pen delight National Stationery Week ambassador

on 2 February 2024

Big launch sniffs out expert’s approval with publisher getting on board as National Stationery W

on 22 March 2024

Ohh Deer and The Art File among National Stationery Week sponsors

on 10 May 2024

Hit the hashtags for National Stationery Week and London Stationery Show