Tag: Nicole Elders
on 14 February 2023

Publishers make grade in 8 of 19 Gift Of The Year categories after live judging

on 16 February 2023

Hidden talents abound in the greetings industry – you never know what paved the

on 9 March 2023

Indie retailer digs deep for extra eco effort and blacks out island school

on 17 July 2023

Some 110 publishers feature in The Henries 2023 shortlist

on 8 August 2023

£1,000 prize draw for buyers signed up for Birmingham show by tomorrow

on 18 August 2023

Henries Best Young Designer focus on Rosie Bennett and Esme Lintin

on 25 August 2023

Products Of Change presents A Day Of Purpose with trends also featured

on 31 August 2023

Birmingham show continues GCA partnership as it opens on Sunday

on 8 September 2023

Henries Awards final focus features Nicole Elders and Sophie Thorne

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