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on 14 October 2020

Three-week countdown to the first ever digital GCA event – don’t miss out!

on 12 January 2024

The #Cardmitment campaign did its stuff to boost Christmas sending

on 29 September 2021

Publishers and retailers were all fired up at the engaging event

on 28 February 2024

New stores show confidence continues to grow in greeting card retail sector

on 3 November 2021

The ‘devil is in the detail’ of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

on 8 March 2024

GCA Dragons Speed Dating surpassed expectations

on 26 November 2021

Priya Aurora-Crowe, co-owner of Lark reveals some of the top selling products

on 2 May 2024

Retail buyers reveal which of the 72 publishers stood out at GCA’s DSD event

on 25 March 2022

The retailer Dragons and participating publishers gave the event the thumbs-up

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