Tag: dandelion stationery
on 13 June 2017

Best sellers at Paper Turtle in Lewes

on 2 August 2019

The good news spreads like wildfire as publishers discover they are finalists

on 28 July 2020

Owner and creative maestro of Dandelion Stationery, Jo Wilson reveals all about life and trade

on 16 March 2021

Sean Austin, owner of Austin & Co reveals its hot sellers as well as

on 7 April 2022

Pals thank G.F Smith’s greeting card consultant for all the help, fun times and laughter

on 22 November 2022

Comic’s campaign trends on social media while packs have sold out

on 23 March 2023

Late sales surges help indie retailers as call for different captions increases

on 15 September 2023

Host of activities by retailers and publishers to kick off sending all those paper hugs

on 24 October 2017

Rachel Buckley, co-director of RBUK in Rochdale, reveals what is selling well in her bu

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