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on 15 May 2018

Card Factory’s co-founders, Dean and Janet Hoyle score in the greeting card league

on 16 October 2018

Lure Of The Card Trade Proves Irresistible For Amanda

on 5 November 2018

A packed edition of industry news, views, fresh product launches in the November issue

on 8 July 2019

With the highs of Glasto now in the past, the nation is gripped in

on 28 August 2019

Providing post summer holibobs’ reading the September edition of PG is crammed full of ne

on 7 October 2019

Publishing supremo Simon Elvin recognised with an historic award 

on 8 March 2021

In honour of International Women’s Day, PG columnist pays tribute to the female talent

on 20 April 2022

The physical and digital editions are all ready to read

on 21 November 2023

Harry’s handmade card and Andrew Brownsword designs sent by Diana set for auction

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