Progressive Greetings September issue out now

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.01.03Want to see what card ranges are deemed the best in the west? Interested to know more about what Sainsbury’s is planning on the card front or how publishers and retailers feel about Spring Seasons?

All this and so much more is covered in the September edition Progressive Greetings, which is out now ‘in the flesh’ as well as to read online.

There was jubilation all round from this year’s Henries finalists when the news broke on PG Buzz (on August 5) of which ranges had achieved the highest number of votes from the judging panel

Above: The Henries 2017 Judges share their jubilation.
Above: The Henries 2017 Judges share their jubilation.

Learn more about the judging process, which saw 50 leading greeting card retail buyers, from right across the retail spectrum scrutinised 14,000 of the best greeting cards and wrappings in the world. (click to pages 29-31)

Commenting on The Henries Judging Day, Kerri Sorbie, buyer for Klondyke Garden Centres, who had travelled down from Scotland to London to participate, said: “It was definitely worth the trip! It has been like an intensive buying experience – and I definitely want to follow up on several ranges that I saw with a view to introducing them into our card selection.” (click to page 7).

And of course see the finalists in all their glory! (click to page 37).

While The Henries is an important industry event, you cannot ignore the importance of the Spring Seasons and therefore be concerned at the rumblings some publishers are deciding not to produce cards for these spring occasions on financial grounds, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day thereby threatening card sales.

Above: Paul Woodmansterne, md of Woodmansterne Publications is among those who feel it is important to speak out on the issue of Spring Seasons.
Above: Paul Woodmansterne, md of Woodmansterne Publications is among those who feel it is important to speak out on the issue of Spring Seasons.

Never afraid to confront issues that matter, PG asked several in the trade for their views. Paul Woodmansterne, managing director of Woodmansterne Publications was among them who was not backward in coming forward: “The retailers tell us every year that they really need publishers to make them new and exciting Spring Seasons product, but with the terms they demand I do not know a publisher that does not lose money on these events.” (see Viewpoints)

Meanwhile the retail scene is covered both at indie level – with What’s Hot being a glimpse into what’s selling for a quartet of independent retailers (click to What’s Hot) as well as on the multiple front, with Carly Pearson, senior buyer of cards for Sainsbury’s revealing all about the revamp of its greeting card selection. (Click to In Conversation With…)

PG’s columnists are on a roll of… Scottish retailer David Robertson is tuned into ‘A low hum… a feeling that there is always something constantly on in the background’, musing on the ‘noises’ vying for his attention in his work day of running a business in challenging times. (click to David Robertson pages 20-21). Cardsharp tells a tale of two retailers (Clintons and Card Factory)  (click to Cardsharp pages 22-23) while Jeremy Corner, owner of card publisher Blue Eyed-Sun invites everyone to join the Instagram party, explaining that the social media platform could benefit the whole industry with its thriving networking of interconnected business people (click to pages 88-89).

Jeremy will be one of the speakers at Autumn Fair, providing some food for thought in between feasting your eyes on new products  (click to Innovations at Autumn Fair). And quenching your appetite for more new product less than a week later is Top Drawer (click to Innovations for Top Drawer).

All this and masses of news, industry snippets and gorgeous imagery – a real thumping ‘back to school’ edition.

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