Pigment boosts up the colour on Happy Jackson relaunch

New Happy Jackson design
New Happy Jackson design

Pigment’s Happy Jackson range has been given a ‘colour explosion’ facelift, the first major change since the major card range launched five years ago.  

Co-creators of the leading brand, Heather Flynn and Giles Andreae have worked closely with the Pigment team to ensure that the new look remains true to the essence of the brand while taking the look on, creating a new vibrant colour palette and introducing different design treatments.

Giles Andreae and Heather Flynn, co-creators of the Happy Jackson brand.
Giles Andreae and Heather Flynn, co-creators of the Happy Jackson brand.

“We knew we wanted to take Happy Jackson on, but were also determined that it would remain true to the upbeat voice of the brand,” said Giles while Heather reveals that she must have looked at “over a thousand different colours and numerous design ideas,” before deciding on the new look that has debuted on 18 new open birthday designs. Around 40 relations and occasions designs will follow in the next few months.

A bright new colour range is the knock-out feature in the relaunch
New phrases are featured in the relaunch

As Martin Powderly, creative director oft Pigment recognises: “There’s always a risk in meddling with something that isn’t broken but together we felt it was time to explore what a reboot could look like. We always show big developments to our sales team at an early stage. They were immediately excited so we’ve gone for it and are delighted with the results.”

A box of Happy Jackson goodies sent to retailers from Pigment.
A box of Happy Jackson goodies sent to retailers from Pigment.

To celebrate Happy Jackson’s new look, Pigment has sent out ‘Hello you lovely person’ goody boxes which include samples of the new Happy Jackson collection.

The goody box went down a treat with Andrea Pinder, owner of Unit 7 in Manchester and Birmingham, who said of her box: “Beautiful new Happy Jackson cards with lovely sweeties. What a lovely surprise – it certainly made me smile.”

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