Card publisher Rose Hill starts new blog to help other small businesses

New blogs on Rose Hill’s website
New blogs on Rose Hill’s website

Founder of Rose Hill Designs, Rose has just started a fortnightly blog featuring successful business people on what they have learnt in business. Sharing her hopes and dreams of her new blog: “I want to help people get into a creative career or further their business. I have been really fortunate to receive some amazing advice through my wonderful mentor John Perry, who I was assigned when I joined the British Library mentoring programme and friends who own their own businesses. I wanted to put this all together to help other businesses.”

It is Rose’s intention that each blog post will have a video of a different business person and top quotes from the video will be picked out, as well as Rose’s comments on what she has learned to take into her business. “I will be interviewing some brilliant people like Courtney Wood (runner-up of the 2016 The Apprentice), Emily Quinton (entrepreneur and owner of and Tilly Walnes (owner of Tilly and the Buttons) asking them their top tips, favourite resources, books and podcasts. I want it to be a guide and list of resources for people to refer too, myself included. I have found writing the posts really makes me reflect and absorb the videos too.”

Rose’s first blog is a video of motivational speaker Simon Sinek talking about why do you do what you do. Her second video is from American author Elizabeth Gilbert on living a creative life. You can see Rose’s blog posts here:

Rose on her stand at Spring Fair 2016.
Rose on her stand at Spring Fair 2016.

The start of Rose’s blogs coincides with her becoming a mentor as part of the British Library’s mentoring programme. “I’m really enthusiastic about helping people become the best they can be. It can be a lonely place owning your own business. You have to be so resilient even when everything is going well let alone when you have a challenging situation. Having your business is one of the most rewarding things you can do.”


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