Brainbox Candy Introduces Cheeky Boxes For Retailers’ Naughty Cards

The ever-inventive Brainbox Candy ‘boys’ have come up with a nifty way of helping retailers stock cheeky or risqué cards without fear of upsetting customers’ sensibilities.

Above: Brainbox boys Mark Williams (left) and Ben Hickman.
Above: Brainbox boys Mark Williams (left) and Ben Hickman.

Exposed for the first time at Harrogate Home and Gift last week was the Brainbox Candy Cheeky Box, a wooden screen-printed lidded box that has been designed to “allow retailers to sell rude cards without having them on display in view of kids and descendants of Mary Whitehouse, who may be easily offended,” explained Mark Williams, who co-owns Brainbox Candy with his brother-in-law, Ben Hickman.

Above: One of the Cheeky boxes with some of Brainbox’s ‘naughtier’ cards.
Above: One of the Cheeky Boxes with some of Brainbox’s ‘naughtier’ greeting cards.

The bespoke wooden box is screen-printed on each side, with over 18’s warnings. It’s compact enough to go on most shop counters, on a shelf or under the counter if required, but is large enough to accommodate a decent number of cards, so that customer can flick through them.

Retailers who order £150 worth of Brainbox Candy cards are currently being offered a Cheeky Box free of charge.

As Ben pointed out, “it is a well known fact that rude cards sell really well. Our Cheeky Box is a solution which allows retailers to sell bucketloads without the risk of ruffled feathers.”

Top: One of the Cheeky Boxes that retailers ordering £150 worth of cards from Brainbox Candy can receive free of charge.

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