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Linda Hartin, owner of Omnipresent in Kinver, West Midlands unveils her best selling cards.

Omnipresent is a small shop in a Kinver, a historic village in the West Midlands with a loyal locals and tourists customer base.

A hot favourite at Omnipresent, Tracks' Prosecco design.
A hot favourite at Omnipresent, Tracks’ Prosecco design.

Humour: Pigment (Riff Raff, Rib Ticklers, Let Them Eat Cake, Jitter Bug)
“Very popular, not too rude and the designs stretch across the ages with subject matter to suit everyone.”

Humour: Noel Tatt (Picture This)
“Animal and age orientated designs that have just sold forever!”

Photographic: Woodmansterne (National Trust)
“The images are lovely! And some double up as bereavement cards, such as the design featuring a dog looking over a mountain seemingly reflecting. The new designs also have a little story on the back of the cards about the picture.”

Art: The DM Collection (The Creature Collections)
“Fantastic artworks of animals with beautiful imagery of their natural habitat within them. We sell an enormous amounts of the cards and prints.”

Contemporary: Tracks (Sparkle)
“An amazing glitzy and foiled range with a good variety of nice male designs and glittering girly cards. When first displayed we sold six ‘Prosecco Time’ designs in just one lunchtime!”

Contemporary: Proper Mail Company (Woodmansterne) (general)
“Smaller cards are a real trend for us at the moment. We have a spinner of these designs and they absolutely fly out!”

Contemporary: Noel Tatt (Henna and Type By Chester)
“Again, smaller cards and these ranges have some very pretty designs.”

Handmade/hand-finished: Second Nature (Champagne)
“These designs just get better and better, and all finished with gems and glitter.”

Children’s: Tracks (Gogglies)
“They are fab! Animals with wobbly eyes, the designs are great for children.”

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