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Trendspot: Connection & Contemplation; Sense of Balance: Abundant Opulence

Artist agencies are not just a great source of imagery for greeting card publishers, but due to their wide reach into other fields are also an invaluable gauge of design trends and influences on the aesthetic.

In the first of a series, Jehane Boden-Spiersmanaging director of Jehane shares what she feels will be driving our design tastes and highlights a trio of trends.

Above: This year will partly be about connection and comtemplation predicts Jehane Boden Spiers, founder of Jehane.
Above: This year will partly be about connection and comtemplation predicts Jehane Boden Spiers, founder of Jehane.

Drivers: “Our on-going lack of movement will undoubtedly encourage our thirst and interest in motion design and animation. The chaos and commotion of our ever-changing situation will impact this trend of life in motion. Chris Algar, a senior designer at Design Bridge London believes the trend for motion design will also influence type. ‘Title sequences viewed across streaming platforms during lockdown will have most certainly inspired designers, from people binge-watching Killing Eve to more recently Squid Game. Both take very different approaches to typography but are linked through their captivating movement and amplified personalities’. The justifiably increasing pressure to use more sustainable materials will be matched with eco-aesthetics. Rising to the challenge of meeting consumer expectations around brand ethos and environmental standards will increase the focus on fusing strong visual impact with sustainability and well-being from engaging with Mother Nature.”

Jehane’s trio of trends…

Connection & Contemplation: “Self-care and positive reflection remains a growing trend and will be big in 2022. The connection of the visual to content in this area is perfectly exemplified with the interest in journaling and ‘The Enneagram of Personality’, or simply the Enneagram. A model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types, the Enneagram provides a host of visual and design opportunities. The trend for journaling gives people the opportunity to focus on themselves and move their goals from dreaming to planning. The increased awareness around recognising and playing to our own strengths is a strong driver behind this trend.”

Above: Things I Intend to Do by Lee Foster-Wilson. (Represented by Jehane)
Above: Things I Intend to Do by Lee Foster-Wilson. (Represented by Jehane)

Sense of Balance: “The work/life balance is a hot topic and a distinct trend for this coming year. We are seeing an ever-increasing importance of prioritising and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With one in five people working 50+ hours a week, a true balance is harder and harder to come by. Meeting your deadlines while still having time for friends and hobbies; the magical idea of having enough time to succeed in your career while still enjoying your life, family, and anything else you love. Google recently reported that the yoga industry is worth over $88bn worldwide and expected to reach $215bn by 2025 – and this doesn’t includes retreats, clothing, mats, and yoga accessories. The growing trend of a four-day work week increases employee satisfaction, company commitment and teamwork. Discovering the charms of yoga and work-life balance is here to stay.”

Above: Upward Dog by Jade Mosinski. (Represented by Jehane)
Above: Upward Dog by Jade Mosinski. (Represented by Jehane)

Abundant Opulence: “In a world full of seriousness, it is no wonder we are seeking optimism and positivity. 2022 brings a clear desire for a more opulent approach with a focus on upbeat interpretations of classic themes with joyfulness and abundance. The limiting requirements of our daily lives over the past few years is impacting and this trend provides bright colours and a light at the end of the tunnel. Illustrations and designs with an abundance of texture will be popular, from film grain to lino-cutting. Abundant shapes and figurative celebrations of all shapes and sizes; figures which aren’t necessarily realistic. Expect maximalist statements which are far from frivolous but are rooted in our collective sense of where we seek change the most.”

Above: Abundant Tulips by Kate Heiss. (Represented by Jehane)
Above: Abundant Tulips by Kate Heiss. (Represented by Jehane)

Top: Jehane Boden Spiers.

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