Training the next generation of creatives

Two leading greeting card printing companies have joined forces to share their expertise

The greeting card industry is certainly one bursting with young, creative talent – and what better to hone those skills than innovative training facilities.

Which is exactly why sibling print and manufacturing businesses, The Sherwood Group and Loxleys, have combined industry knowledge and skill to launch the SmartAcademy. Developed by a dedicated in-house team, the training facility offers staff the chance to gain new skills, development opportunities and to expand their professional knowledge across several sectors of the business.

SmartAcademy training facility is a joint venture by card manufacturers Loxleys and The Sherwood Group
SmartAcademy training facility is a joint venture by card manufacturers Loxleys and The Sherwood Group

Initial training sessions took place last year, with the aim of not only bringing employees together but also to achieve improvements in operations with enhanced customer satisfaction – and that’s been built on this year. The academy has already seen 33 graduates complete their training this year, with a third phase planned between now and Christmas.

“We have always been committed to staff training and development,” said Jeremy Bacon, The Sherwood Group’s CEO. “The investment in the SmartAcademy comes during a period of sustained business growth as a leading, independent greeting card manufacturer, meaning there is even greater need to create a supportive learning environment and knowledge sharing in clearly defined way”.

Richard Bacon, Loxleys MD added: “I am delighted that our staff have so openly embraced new learning, we are committed to continuous development of our entire workforce”.





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