Tag: Up With Paper
on 26 February 2019

UK publishers feature among the finalists in the US Louie awards

on 20 May 2019

Inaugural Noted: Greeting Card Expo in Brooklyn brings the US card community together

on 20 June 2019

Up With Paper’s George White and Hallmark’s Sarah Moe Meyers delivered testimonies in Washington’s

on 6 August 2019

A ‘freight cluster’ from Far East predicted before September 1 tariff D-Day, 

on 15 August 2019

Card publishers’ pleas in Washington DC achieve a good result

on 16 December 2019

US GCA’s president George White spreads the “great news” that no exemption clause will n

on 14 January 2020

Publisher saves 2.5 tonnes of plastic by acetate removal on its Traditional boxed selection