Tag: Up With Paper
on 26 February 2019

UK publishers feature among the finalists in the US Louie awards

on 20 May 2019

Inaugural Noted: Greeting Card Expo in Brooklyn brings the US card community together

on 20 June 2019

Up With Paper’s George White and Hallmark’s Sarah Moe Meyers delivered testimonies in Washington’s

on 6 August 2019

A ‘freight cluster’ from Far East predicted before September 1 tariff D-Day, 

on 15 August 2019

Card publishers’ pleas in Washington DC achieve a good result

on 16 December 2019

US GCA’s president George White spreads the “great news” that no exemption clause will n

on 14 January 2020

Publisher saves 2.5 tonnes of plastic by acetate removal on its Traditional boxed selection

on 31 July 2020

UK publishers shine out in the US greeting card awards programme

on 23 June 2023

First distribution deal makes US publisher’s pop-up card catalogue available