Tag: Stationery Supplies Marple
on 9 April 2019

ExaClair, Stone Marketing, Paper Mirchi and Busy B also have multiple entries in the finalists

on 9 May 2019

Campaign was embraced by over 100 retailers, Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox and stationery addi

on 19 December 2019

Sarah Laker, owner of Stationery Supplies, Marple, Stockport, reveals her store’s hot sellers.

on 27 February 2020

In the fifth of a series, agent Richard Pass shares his take on trade

on 26 June 2020

Nottingham card publisher canvasses opinion from its retail stockists on the naked issue

on 14 October 2020

Sarah Laker of Marple Stationery Supplies and Mooch’s Rachel and Paul Roberts each open

on 2 February 2021

Card publishers are in the running for a Gift of the Year award

on 5 February 2021

Retailer and card publisher Heidi Early galvanises positivity among retailers and residents

on 19 February 2021

PG initiative sees retailers, reps, publishers and designers having their spirits raised 

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