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on 9 April 2019

Denise Laird, co-owner of Spirito, Glasgow; Stephen McHale, co-owner of Bentleys, Stourport and Maddison, Harborne and Pe

on 18 June 2019

Retail buyers Abigail Ball, Ellie Kleinlercher and Denise Laird share what they felt was

on 28 August 2019

Providing post summer holibobs’ reading the September edition of PG is crammed full of ne

on 1 November 2019

UK retailers are getting in on the scary season 

on 30 June 2020

Paper Tiger’s Michael Apter stars on BBC News about Scotland’s retail scene

on 4 August 2020

Retailers invited to a Sharp & Easy Pop-up showroom of many card and gift brands

on 7 August 2020

The upheaval caused by Covid-19 means that The Retas 2020 will not happen

on 18 September 2020

Denise Laird, co-owner of Spirito, Glasgow shares some of the store’s best sellers

on 19 February 2021

Hopes raised that what has been announced for Scotland will be replicated in England

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