Tag: between the lines
on 27 June 2017

Retailers on what caught their eye at PG Live this year

on 7 January 2020

The build-up’s underway for June’s dedicated greeting card trade show

on 8 March 2018

GCA’s Speed-dating with Dragons 2 event sold out in 35 minutes

on 21 February 2020

Card retail groups buck the trend with shop openings

on 24 April 2018

Publishers loved up about the GCA Speed-dating event

on 11 September 2020

Buyers from multiples, indie specialists, department stores, garden centres, bookshops scrutinised the 9,000+ designs submitted

on 26 June 2018

What caught the eyes of the Kleinlerchers, Kate Cowie and Sarah Green at the rec

on 1 May 2018

A week on, publishers clinch orders from Dragons

on 3 May 2018

Work is underway in a new Scribbler store in Bishopsgate, with three other sites

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