IG Design Group Cites Greeting Cards As A Star Performers

IG Design Group ceo Paul Fineman highlights greeting cards as one of the group’s “star performers” this year while revealing that the UK’s market conditions having been challenging with growth generally is being outpaced” by other territories in which the card, wrap and gift group is active.

IG’s everyday card presence has been bolstered recently by the supply of a bespoke card collection into Aldi (that is now installed in 100 stores) joining other exclusive collections in Wilko, B&M and Poundland in the UK alone.


Above: Paul Fineman, the group’s ceo is fairly optimistic of growth opportunities.
Above: Paul Fineman, the group’s ceo is fairly optimistic of growth opportunities.

Acknowledging this and other greeting card activity elsewhere in the world, Paul added: “We’ve had a strong year on greeting cards, it is a good success story for us and we are still gaining momentum,” Paul Fineman, ceo of IG Design Group told PG Buzz as the company issued a fourth quarter trading statement in advance of its full year results (to March 31) that are to be revealed on June 11.

The trading update signals an upturn in sales. Revenue for the year to 31 March 2019 is expected to increase 37% on the prior year driven by the acquisition of Impact Innovations Inc. and organic growth of 9.8%.

Above: One of IG Design Group’s displays in Aldi.
Above: One of IG Design Group’s displays in Aldi.

Last month (March) Impact was awarded ‘Seasonal and Celebration Supplier of the Year’ by Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.

“We have grown our UK business and there are still sales possibilities, but it is harder here.

In the UK our growth is through taking market share from others whereas in other territories, such as the US, Continental Europe and Australia our growth is both organic growth as well as taking market share from others.”

Paul confirmed that the group is still looking at acquisition opportunities, but that currently no deal is close to completion.

Top: Some of the many products that IG Design Group produces.

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