House of Cards’ Ladder Club promotion on the racks

Three newbie publishers are reaping the rewards of winning a competition instigated by card retailer House of Cards

Miles Robinson and Nigel Williamson, the co-owners of House of Cards – which comprises five shops in the Home Counties – invited everyone who attended Day One of The Ladder Club seminar last year to submit a sympathy card design. The three winning entries were from Uniquely Yours, Pearl of a Girl and Laura May Designs. As well as receiving £200 prize money each, their cards were also published free of charge and put on sale in all of House of Cards’ shops for the coming year.

“We are now at the end of the first 12 weeks and have been happy to share the sales rates of the designs. We currently stock 36 different sympathy cards from the best publishers in this business. One of the new designs ranks in 6th place, which is really impressive from a brand new publisher,” commented Miles. “As we published the designs, we have learned a lot too. It has made us appreciate all the decisions publishers have to make when selecting their envelopes, boards and liaising with printers. I think we’ll stick to retailing!”

All three publishers are really enjoying the experience of supplying House of Cards.

“It is quite something when your very first customer is actually a small multiple,” said Lyndsey Pearson of Pearl of a Girl. “Having my design selected was such a confidence booster. Up until then I only had design ideas, it gave me the extra push to become a publisher.”

Graeme Hall, founder of Uniquely Yours said that being involved with House of Cards has opened his eyes to the potential of some card areas he had not really thought of. “I would not have really thought of designing sympathy cards until the competition, but very happy the design is selling well.”

Laura Malyan, founder of Laura May Designs is also relishing the “great experience” of supplying a multiple retailer at such an early point in the business.

House of Cards has committed to keeping the three cards on sale for a full 12 month period and will keep the publishers updated on how their cards are faring in the sales ranking.

Pictured at top: Left-right: Miles Robinson (House of Cards), Laura Malyan (Laura May Designs), Graeme Hall (Uniquely Yours), Lynsey Pearson (Pearl of a Girl) and Nigel Williamson (House of Cards) at PG Live yesterday (June 7).

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