Happy news for Emily Coxhead, fab designer of the Pigment card range

Emily Coxhead, the creative brains behind The Happy News brand (which is going down a storm on cards from Pigment), posted an emotional video on her Twitter feed as she opened a parcel from Penguin Random House – the first copy of her new book, Make Someone Happy.

A visibly excited Emily tore into the package exclaiming: “It’s here, it’s here! This is so surreal.” Viewers were then treated to a quick flick through the book, which is a journal full of tips and suggestions on how to find a little bit of happiness in each day.

Emily’s book is available now to pre-order

Emily says on her website about the book: “While no person can fix every problem, Make Someone Happy is an inspiring reminder that small, wonderful things are happening every day, and you have the power to spread joy too. For anyone who feels overwhelmed or needs a dose of kindness, this interactive pick-me-up will help you bring light to your little corner of the world, and the lives of those around you.”

The book came about after Emily had an email from Penguin Random House in New York in December 2015 who asked if she’d ever considered doing a book after seeing the Happy News newspaper. “I jumped at the opportunity, having my very own book has always been a dream of mine and I can honestly say it’s been the biggest joy to work on,” says Emily. “With everything going on in the world and in the news since I started it, for both me and my editor in the USA, it’s been a constant and refreshing reminder that the world isn’t such a bad place.”

Pigment’s Happy News cards were finalists in this year’s Henries

Make Someone Happy is available to pre-order now (see www.emilycoxhead.com/emilys-book for stockists) and is published on 6 February 2018.

The book tops off a very busy year for Emily. The Happy News range of cards (published by Pigment) was a finalist in The Henries and Widdop & Co will be bringing out a new range of jewellery, accessories, mugs, bags and photo frames in spring 2018, all featuring Emily’s heart-warming messages, quirky touches and hand-drawn illustrations.

Widdop & Co’s Happy News range includes jewellery
Widdop & Co’s Happy News range includes jewellery




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