GCA UK Greeting Card Market Report confirms industry growth – now worth £1.75 Billion

The UK greeting card industry is worth more than it has ever been before in its history. The public spent an incredible £1.75 billion on greeting cards in the last calendar year, up £500,000 on the year previous.

This triumphant industry news is revealed in the GCA UK Greeting Card Market Report 2017, which is published today.

The results show that everyday cards account for 77% of total retail value for all single cards bought in the UK, meaning the Average Retail Price for an everyday greeting card is now £1.68 (up from £1.64 in 2015).Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 16.10.17

Volumes (ie number of cards bought) also held up well, dipping by a tiny 0.1%.

Indicating the robustness of the individual card market and just how engrained greeting card sending is among the British consumer, the make-up of the market has not shifted dramatically over the last year.

Christmas singles now account for 12% of the total with Spring Seasons cards representing the remaining 11%.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 16.09.26

In the Report’s preface, Ged Mace, president of the GCA (and managing director of The Art File) makes a strong point that greeting cards are helping to drive trade to bricks and mortar retailers. He highlights how greeting cards “remain an important high-profitable product for all manner of retailers, sold in more types of outlets than any other products.“

The Report shows an encouraging picture in that sales have increased steadily since 2012.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 16.10.33

As with previous reports, the survey does not include data on Christmas boxes or packs due to the fragmented nature of this area of the market. A considered estimate of 900 million cards with a collective value of £230 million has been included in the overall figure.

The report, which is available free of charge to GCA members, is based on data submitted by members, based on UK retail sales to respected research company Ebiquity.

“The findings in this Report prove that the British appetite for buying and sending greeting cards continues unabated, with cards remaining the preferred choice when it comes to expressing a personal message,” commented Sharon Little, ceo of the GCA. “As scientific research has shown, texts, social media messages or emails will just not do when it comes to making someone feel special. And long may it continue!” she added.

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